COMBROS is established by Engineers from Electrical and Technology of Bach Khoa University.
Combros members all have the same passions for technology and engineering, which desire to bring wisdom and talents to create products and services to serve the community and society.
Start up with some team members, now Combros converted to an official professional company and joined the technology market in VietNam.
We develop contiuously and expand into the future


Technology Solutions

We are also eager to take the challenges with the difficulties of over – all hi-tech. We are now master in the technology in automation systems and circuits, electricity, mobile and PC applications, computer technology home, internet,… We are ready and confident in designing and building systems solve problems in life.

Hi-tech Products

In order to improve the work efficiency, the quality of community life. Combros continuously observes and collects from the life demands, where we define, build and provide the effective product.


We are ready to help and cooperate with every partner to word and build their ideas to success together.

ODM – Original Design Manufacturing

Combros accepts any challenges about solution from customers or partners to find out solutions and build from A to Z for successful products or services.