Do farming by intelligent way!

Combros wants to be a company for community, especially for modernizing many processes in practice.
One of the most area that Combros want to do is hi-tech agriculture, Combros want to make agriculture more convenient, more effective, that is the reason why, we have been building smart farm system or cBFarm for providing for everyone.
With cBFarm system, we can do farming easily with more effective, can monitor and control more convenient by using mobile application, or monitor on internet browser.


  • cBFarm: version 1.0 (released on Quang Binh University)
  • Start building on Da Lat province in 2017 with version 2.0


  • A High-tech Agricultural model designed for actual conditions in Vietnam.
  • A system including environmental sensors and controllers.
  • Collect information about temperature, air humidity, humidity of soil and light.
  • A caring system for plant via Israeli technology. Automatic watering, ventilation, environmental adjustment to match the needs of the crop.
  • Users can observe, control all devices via an application on their phone.
  • Increase crop yields productivity, saving labor force costs.
  • Guide users how to take care of trees in each stage of the plant development.
  • Save time, save living space and provide hygiene homemade vegetable for the family.
  • Compact device, easy to install.


  • Brands: Combros
  • Model: cBFarm 1.0
  • Max Current: 10A
  • Working Voltage: AC 195V ~ 240V
  • Wireless Stardard: 802.11 b/g/n Wifi 2.4GHz
  • Working Temperature: <= 45oC
  • Components:
    • Main control
    • Node control
    • Node collecting environment


  • Circuit design
  • Assemble product
  • Embedded system
  • Mobile application on iOS, android
  • Server full-stack