Nowadays, the increasing pressure of life makes people easier to get depression. Current treatments for depression are not highly effective and patients are at risk of recurrence.

With ambition to provide better treatment options for patients by working with health care professional neurosurgeon and investing in research and development, Combros creates cInsight.



With the contribution of professional neurosurgeon as a mentor, Combros has a desire to apply brainwave technology to medicine, which have infinite potential for not only medical but also multi-sector and multi-field.

cInsight is an IoT device that measures human brain waves to monitor anxiety disorder, sleep disorder for people who are suffering from stress and insomnia.

Besides, this is the first product integrated AI technology and Big Data to offer the most suitable non-drug methods for users.



cInsight targets 4 target users: student, officer, the elderly and pregnant and postpartum woman who are under stress or insomnia from work and life.

Users wear device to collect brain waves data, which will be decoded by AI technology and Big Data to diagnose neurological problems in order to provide timely and appropriate solutions through application on smart phone.




The prototype version is ready for customers to experience directly.

The commercial version is being completed and will be released in early 2020.