Combros is established by Engineers from Electrical and Technology of HCMC University of Technology in 2015 and specializes in automation, embedded technology and smart solutions with its head office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Joining Suga Group in 2017 made Combros converted into an officially professional company and took advantage of resources from other teams in Suga Group, which is the foundation to become the leading company in Industry 4.0 trend and IoT platform.


With 4 years of experience in the automation systems and the knowledge from global technology market, we are always confident in designing and building systems to solve problems in life for wide variety of customers.

No matter which segment you are in and what your needs are, Combros promises to strive for the best understanding and bring result that satisfies your desire by providing the most effective solutions, including:

Technology Solutions

As an impactful player in the market, we are honored to master in automation systems and circuits, electricity, mobile and PC applications. We use advanced technologies together with local understandings to provide the most impactful and suitable solutions for customer. Our technology-based platforms help us create value for our partners throughout various stages of customer lifecycle.

Hi-tech Products

Since our foundation, our aim has been to pursue technology innovation based on our belief in the infinite possibilities of technological development. Combros continuously observes and collects from the life demands, where we define, build and provide the effective product. We are confident in designing and building hi-tech products in order to improve the work efficiency, the quality of community life.


We are ready to cooperate with every partner to work and turn their ideas into reality. We are committed to becoming trusted and valued partner. Our commitment is the high quality of our products, customer satisfaction and spirit of excellence. The expertise in products, applications and technology is our strength.


Combros is a unique and impactful player in the market with its own advantages:

Global values

Comprehensive solutions

Creative ideas

Give reasonable advice and solutions

Fast and flexible

Global values

As a part of Suga Group, Combros is able to access and utilize the resources and knowledge from regional to international level.

We will be a valued and trusted partner to our customers by proactively providing the most impactful and suitable solution for a wide variety of customers and establishing long-term relationships built on customer satisfaction and trust.

Comprehensive solutions

Combros are always confident in applying our technology to provide comprehensive solutions from hardware devices, embedded systems, to mobile and PC applications, computer technology home, server, website to solve problems in life.

We contribute to the business activities of our customers by timely recognition of their changing needs and pursuing technologies they value.

Creative ideas

Combros always take a customer-centric approach in all our business activities by proactively proposing creative ideas for the success of customers.

We are also eager to take the challenges with the difficulties of over – all hi-tech to provide creative ideas based on existing resources and the original idea of the customer.

Give reasonable advice and solutions

Combros is an expert in providing or consulting solutions for all areas related to automation, system architecture of applications.

We are confident in being proactive in technology, as well as give reasonable advice for each case of customers to ensure that solutions are implemented consistently and continuously.

Fast and flexible

The technology is self-owned by Combros so it is not forced by any stereotype or any third party.

Therefore, Combros can offer the most suitable solution quickly according to customer capability.

Flexibility in using different technologies adapted to customer requirements.


  • Combros Sentinel
  • cbRescue
  • cbMotion
  • Smart Warehouse
  • Smart Farming
  • Smart Office
  • cInsight
  • All Portfolio

As an automatic checking body temperature solution using 4.0 technology, the system is a complete solution including measuring stations to check the body's temperature, and the data packet is aggregated on the application server of cloud computing.

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cbRescue will be attached to life vest. When falling into the sea, water sensor will detect and allow the device continuously updating the location to server system on website management dashboard or mobile application.

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With the current lifestyle and intensity of work, people have no time to care about their health that requires handy equipment for them to easily monitor their health status, especially put tracking device into ordinary shoes.

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Many factories in Vietnam are working in traditional ways: record keeping (paper), inventory tracking, analyze resource and information slowly, leading to all delays and errors.

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The current crops are still using traditional farming methods which are labor intensive and ineffective.

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For businesses from different scale, the issue of human resource management also challenges and requires a lot of time and effort. Combros then finds a way to save time and bring higher efficiency..

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Nowadays, the increasing pressure of life makes people easier to get depression. Current treatments for depression are not highly effective and patients are at risk of recurrence.

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Combros Sentinel [New versions]

USE THERMAL CAMERAS - DETECT #COVID-19, To avoid a further outbreak of #coronavirus, Combros team of Suga has upgraded and put into operation the Sentinel body temperature meter.


This is our initial clip to introduce who we are and what we do. With 4 years of experience in the automation systems and the knowledge from global technology market, Combros believes that we can solve all types of your company’s problems by offering diverse services below

Smart Coat Story

Earth's climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization and causes many negative effects on human health (intense sunlight, rising temperatures, polluted air, ...)