Combros Sentinel [New versions]


💥After nearly erasing #COVID-19, Vietnam grapples with a spike

💥To avoid a further outbreak of #coronavirus, Combros team of Suga has upgraded and put into operation the Sentinel body temperature meter.

💥Three versions of Combros Sentinel:

    🎯The first version: with basic contactless body measurement, reasonable cost and suitable for most public places or regularly visited places.

    🎯Upgraded version: with more luxurious, sophisticated and eye-catching design, suitable for shopping centres, fine dining restaurants, condos, etc.

    🎯Special version: reserved for individuals and organizations wishing to control security and detect cases of people not wearing masks intentionally entering.

💥Industrial pricing to meet almost every small and large organisation in Vietnam.


💟Everything is okay, and we will always be grateful for you.


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