Combros Sentinel

As an automatic checking body temperature solution using 4.0 technology, the system is a complete solution including measuring stations to check the body's temperature, and the data packet is aggregated on the application server of cloud computing.


cbRescue will be attached to life vest. When falling into the sea, water sensor will detect and allow the device continuously updating the location to server system on website management dashboard or mobile application.


With the current lifestyle and intensity of work, people have no time to care about their health that requires handy equipment for them to easily monitor their health status, especially put tracking device into ordinary shoes.

Smart Warehouse

Many factories in Vietnam are working in traditional ways: record keeping (paper), inventory tracking, analyze resource and information slowly, leading to all delays and errors.

Smart Farming

The current crops are still using traditional farming methods which are labor intensive and ineffective.

Smart Office

For businesses from different scale, the issue of human resource management also challenges and requires a lot of time and effort. Combros then finds a way to save time and bring higher efficiency..


Nowadays, the increasing pressure of life makes people easier to get depression. Current treatments for depression are not highly effective and patients are at risk of recurrence.