Smart Warehouse

Many factories in Vietnam are working in traditional ways: record keeping (paper), inventory tracking, analyze resource and information slowly, leading to all delays and errors.
How to improve productivity in traditional factories and meet these requirements:
      Locate and arrange items quickly in warehouse.
      Check inventory periodically by one click
      Analyze inventory data to make decision instantly
      Detect, categorize, arrange,… items automatically in warehouse. 

      Creating device, chip, sensor, module to track each item/package in warehouse with identification technologies (RFID, UHF, UWB, iBeacon,…). This method is wireless reading, scanning, and searching that creates fast way to inventory and find objects in stock.
      Big Data is utilized to save and synchronize all information in the overall activity of the system.
      All in one on the system: import, export, report, inventory,... 

      The entire operation of the warehouse will be digitized and stored on cloud computing.
      Warehouse operations, production orders, inventory, procurement proposal will be quickly manipulated through a software system.
      Customers can track the order status directly on the system and the information is monitored between partners.