With the current lifestyle and intensity of work, people have no time to care about their health that requires handy equipment for them to easily monitor their health status, especially put tracking device into ordinary shoes.

Idea development
Combros turns ordinary shoes into smart shoes, by creating small device attached to Biti’s shoes to monitor the number of steps, speed, heartbeat,… in order to collect data on daily activities, users behavior and give the advices, encourage users to do more exercise for better health. 

Idea execution
cBMotion device is attached to Biti’s shoes using the smart sensors in the field of motion identification (accelerometer) to collect data about movement, vibrations, velocity of the user to evaluate the required parameters,…
Synchronize data real-time to the server system through connecting to tablet (Ipad).

Developed successfully the cBMotion device that attached to Biti’s smart shoes to improve kids’ movement habits.